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April 26, 2022

Partner Streamstak develops digital streaming service model that unifies content on one platform

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The School of Communication and Media (SCM) at Montclair State University today announced the launch of Hawk+ (, a free digital streaming platform that curates the best video content from across the school.

The digital network offers SCM the unique opportunity to aggregate content that normally resides on the SCM websiteits social networks and student-focused media organizations.

Hawk+ will engage students, faculty, staff, alumni and future students and their families. It will feature live and pre-recorded content from the School’s radio and television stations, sporting events, musical and theatrical performances, student films, faculty projects, special events from across the University and many other forms of educational content and programming.

“This is an exciting and groundbreaking platform that will provide our current and future students with additional opportunities to be fully prepared for careers in digital media, content creation and production, and data analytics. “said SCM director Keith Strudler. “We are delighted that our development partner in Streamstak has created a unifying platform that will allow us to share many types of content in one place.

“Colleges and universities create some of the most compelling content available,” said Brendan Canning, co-founder and chief commercial officer of Triple-B Media, Streamstak’s parent company. “We are thrilled to partner with Montclair to launch a unified video platform that will enhance the University’s digital reach and storytelling capability.”

“This new platform is a model that other universities can use, and it solves an inherent problem that most schools face with how to organize and present their content to various audiences and stakeholders,” Canning said.

Hawk+ is currently live as a web-based platform and will be a fully connected experience available for free via mobile and connected TV apps later this year.

With the addition of Hawk+, SCM offers its students unprecedented hands-on learning opportunities. In addition to The Montclariona student newspaper that has been around for over 100 years, students can learn and hone their craft at SCM’s radio station (WMSC), Press room (Montclair News Lab), sports network (Red Hawk Sports Network) and strategic communication agency (Hawk Communications).

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