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Considering his career progression, it was surprising to see career miner JJ Arsega-Whiteside on the 53 roster after the Eagles had a major cut date.

Stanford’s 2019 second-round pick had a long play in his resume, scoring 14 assists at 254 yards (18.1 average) and a touchdown in two seasons with the Eagles. The us.

But it was a slight shock to see Arsega-Whiteside steal the pitch in his first attack in Atlanta. He couldn’t throw a pass, but the Falcons 32-6 rout resulted in 16 snaps on the offense and 16 snaps on the special team. Arcega-Whiteside made some solid blocks, and in special teams most of the time they were around the ball. Was this the same guy the Eagles were waiting for to start the last preseason game virtually everyone had seen?

“I think he did a great job yesterday on blocking,” said Nick Sirianni. “He was aggressive. He was able to play several pieces. He produced the parts…. The message to the recipient was “Block the tail every time the ball goes around.” Must be. “You can turn a 10-yard run into a 20-yard run, a 30-yard run, a 40-yard run and more.”

Among the blocks created by Arsega-Whiteside, which made Sirianni smile, was a first bubble screen for Quez Watkins, who scored 23 yards on a short throw. Arcega-Whiteside plans to win the ball at some point as he doesn’t want the Eagles to be predictable.

“He will be rewarded with subsequent catches,” Sirianni said. “I know it wasn’t yesterday, but we have to get married, so he’s enjoying that too, so we do.” I have the threat to pass, but I think he did a great job. “

Arcegae-Whiteside’s next task is to return to the field. He spends his days with an ankle injury.


Rookie, backed by Kenneth Gainwell, was another ghost contributor to Eagles Sunday.

Gainwell played 25 of 71 snaps with one attack, finishing with 9 rushes and touchdowns from 37 yards, 2 catches from 6 yards and two great blocks to pick up the Falcons Blitzer. .. You usually don’t see it in newcomers.

“And you can see him play for us yesterday on that two-minute ride,” Sirianni said. “In one of the early games on the drive, he had enough knowledge to catch the ball, gain 9 yards and stop the clock, so he could continue the touchdown at the end of half-time. It was a big swing to get that touchdown at the end of the half. “

TD gave the Eagles a 15-6 lead.


In addition to the Arcega-Whiteside, tight end Zach Ertz adjusts hamstrings and Marcus Epps makes safety a concussion protocol.

Erz returned to the game after stretching his hamstrings in the second half.

“We’re still evaluating with him,” Sirianni said.

Epps, meanwhile, is in concussion protocol after a big hit with Falcons wide receiver Calvin Ridley.


How do the Eagles avoid disappointment after the wrath of the Falcons?

Live in an instant.

“Considering how well I played in the Atlanta game on Wednesday, I will be sent off this Sunday,” Sirianni said. “So he’s only alive when you’re there.” So we’re talking about the dog’s mind.

The dog spirit for those who missed the explanation disappears when the cage door is opened.

“We have a shirt. We also got a dog mentality shirt. It’s our way, ”said Sirianni. “It’s my job as a coach to make sure that the importance of not being disappointed doesn’t happen. To be honest, we won a game. We have to go out and start over. It didn’t happen. It’s good teamwork. They come out on the field every Sunday and are ready to play no matter what has happened before. “


The Eagles’ injuries are lower than the 49ers faced at Link this Sunday.

Raheem Mostast’s running back requires knee cartilage surgery, which put him on the sidelines for about two months, and one of the best defensive backs Jason Verrett won the season 41-33 against the Lions of Detroit. Maintained a torn ACL at the end.


The Eagles will leave the fight with Jordan Myrata, who signed a four-year, $ 64 million contract extension, to buy a house for his parents in Australia.

The converted rugby player appreciates the Eagles’ opportunity and the advice of line coach Jeff Stoutland.

“I think it’s a movie,” Myrata said of her success story, From Rags to Wealth. “I’m just waiting for someone to say ‘cut’ and all the lights will go out. Until then, I’ll keep going. Improve 1% every day and keep learning from my mistakes.”

Myrata, whose false start was among the six penalties on the attack line, threw a counter that bounced Jalen Leaguer on the 23-yard touchdown that we talked about on YouTube.

£ 6-8, £ 346 Mailata knocked out defensive back Richie Grant (6-0, 200) and helped create the final TD game of the match, Eagles.

“I was just doing my job,” Mailata said. “I played that at the start of the week, and the timing wasn’t right. I knew what I needed to fix. The timing had to be perfect. For me, I only knew the number of snaps first, the timing on the screen, and right now. I buried someone when I had the chance. “

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