Anjoum Dada

A Syracuse man was arrested after hitting another man with a vehicle after an argument and leaving the scene.

Anjum Yakub Dada, 69, of 8162 E. Sunrise Drive, Syracuse, is charged with domestic battery with a deadly weapon, a felony 5 level; intimidation with a deadly weapon, a level 5 felony; and leaving the scene of a personal accident, a class A misdemeanor.

He was taken to Kosciusko County Jail at 5:46 p.m. on May 4 on a preliminary bond of $10,250.

According to the probable cause affidavit, on May 4, a Kosciusko County Sheriff’s Office deputy responded to a personal injury accident in a parking lot near Ind. 13 in Syracuse. Upon arriving at the scene, the deputy found a man being treated for a head injury after being struck by a vehicle. The man said Dada hit him with the vehicle, which threw the man into another vehicle, causing a head injury. The man said he and Dada had a history of disputes over ownership.

The man was transported from the scene by medics for further treatment.

The deputy spoke with another man who said he heard screams coming from outside the storage units and investigated the screams. The second man said he saw the first man and Dada arguing. The second man said that Dada was inside the car and the first man was standing outside the vehicle. The second man then heard Dada shout, “I’m going to kill you.”

At that point, Dada pressed the accelerator enough to squeal the tires before hitting the first man with the vehicle. The second man described the first man in flight before hitting his head on a nearby vehicle. The second man saw Dada leave the scene in the vehicle, according to court documents.

The deputy located Dada and read him his Miranda rights. Dada agreed to speak with law enforcement.

Dada allegedly admitted that he was in a verbal argument with the first man on a jack when the first man tried to hit him. Dada said he got into his vehicle and hit the first man with the vehicle, according to court documents. Dada also said he backed off and left the scene.

The deputy learned that an active protective order prohibited the first man from having any contact with Dada, but during the investigation, officers learned that prior to the incident in the parking lot, Dada had initiated a contact between Dada and the first man.