Texas Controller Glenn Hegar visits Anzalduas International Bridge

MISSION, Texas (ValleyCentral) – Texas Comptroller Glenn Hegar visited the Anzalduas International Bridge on Wednesday alongside McAllen Mayor Javier Villalobos.

At Wednesday’s press conference, Hegar said Texas is the 9th largest economy in the world. Much of this is due to all the international trade that goes through land ports of entry. In order to improve trade, the town of McAllen and the Anzalduas Bridge are working to improve border crossings.

“What we’re talking about here is more about the expansion of the international bridge and that’s when we get into the trade and commerce issues, so we’re really excited about that,” Villalobos said.

Hegar said ports of entry like Anzalduas are the epicenter of the economy of Texas and the United States. But with the current supply shortages, Hegar insists that the best way to solve the problem is to extend the Anzaldua International Bridge.

“This is a project that we have been working on for a very long time and it comes at the right time because we can highlight it because people see that they are not able to get some of the products that they want,” said Hegar. Businesses build them and go back and forth. So this project will solve some of these problems.

The project aims to expand trade facilities north and south on the bridge, so that trading can become easier. Anzalduas and the Town of McAllen are investing $ 50 million to make these improvements. This money comes from toll revenues at the bridge.

Mayor Villalobos said this type of change would have a big impact on the valley’s economy.

“Anzalduas is owned by McAllen, Hidalgo and Mission, so this has an impact on the region, but only on the trade itself.

No date has been set for the start of construction on the new project. Bridge officials said the announcement would arrive soon.

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