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Mercury’s digital print edition is moving to a new platform, but still making it easy for you to enjoy the newspaper experience on your phone, tablet, or computer.

We’re making significant changes to the Mercury Digital Print Edition to make it more stable and more user-friendly.

Starting September 8, the digital print edition – the daily replica of The Mercury and Sunday Tasmanian for digital devices – has moved to a new vendor called PageSuite.

Whether you read the newspaper on our app or our website, the new platform delivers a fast, smooth, reliable and user-friendly experience.

While most of the functionality of the digital print edition is essentially the same, some things will look and function slightly different.

When you first explore the digital print edition, a helpful explanatory chart shows you how key features work on this platform.

To get started, update to the latest version of the Mercury app and make sure to save a new bookmark or update the saved bookmarks at to access the document with one click. The old bookmarks will no longer work after our agreement with the previous provider expires.

How to access the digital print edition in the Mercury app

■ Download or update the latest version of the Mercury app from the Apple App Store or Google Play Store. Until you update your app, you won’t be able to access the new digital print publishing platform.

■ Log in with your digital subscription details.

■ Tap “Daily Paper” in the lower right corner of your screen.

■ Once the home page appears, tap the download arrow to save the full edition or one of the clips you want to read. You can also tap the home page and start swiping to load multiple pages at once.

How to access the digital print edition on the Mercury website

■ Visit

■ Log in with your digital subscription details.

■ Go to Read Today’s Paper at the top of the website (desktops only) or find the home page image printed near the bottom of the home page and click it.

■ Click on the home page to launch.


Zoom and move

Zoom in and scroll the page, either using your mouse and the zoom slider on the computer, or using a pinch-and-zoom action on touchscreen devices. It may take some time to sharpen the text when you zoom in.

Instantly switch from print to plain text display

Articles in the digital print edition can be read in plain text. Click / tap on the article to read it in that format and increase or decrease the text size as needed. Going back is simple: close the story to return to digital print publishing where you left off.

Bookmark, save, print and share

See a page you want to read later? Tap the bookmark icon on the top toolbar to save the page, or you can download the full page and print it. You can also tap Create Break (website only) allowing you to select a part of the page that interests you.

Want to share the page? Tap the Share icon in the top navigation to email, tweet, or post to Facebook.

Thumbnail page previews

Quickly find the page you are looking for. With the option to preview page thumbnails, browse The Mercury or Sunday Tasmanian in a flash. Press the thumbnail to go directly to the page of your choice.

To view thumbnails, tap the Pages tab at the bottom of the screen on the desktop or in the main menu on mobile.

Sections Guide and Race Forms

Looking for a specific section, or the Race Forms Guide? Select the Pages tab in a digital print edition for a complete listing of each section, displayed on your screen. Tap the section you want to read to jump straight to it.

Search in seconds

Find a story in seconds. Once you’ve downloaded a digital print edition, tap the magnifying glass icon on the top toolbar to browse through sections, story keywords, dates, names and numbers. page to find what you are looking for.

Powerful display customization

The digital print publishing experience is yours to customize. Use the navigation toolbar at the top of the screen according to your reading preferences. Zoom in or out, fill the screen with one page, or view a range of pages that match traditional paper.

Old editions and archives

If you missed an edition or want to make up for it, get access to the latest previous editions of The Mercury and Sunday Mail, plus snippets and inserts. The archive currently spans one month and over time, as it accumulates, will eventually provide access to six months of content.

Crosswords and puzzles

Spend a little more time with the crossword, or pick up our endless puzzles and Sudoku on your next road trip. Use the Archive feature to access our popular games, and download, print and share.

Take the news to other states

Did you know that your Mercury subscription also gives you access to our sister newspapers in the Eastern States, including their digital print editions? Simply use your Mercury ID to access Herald Sun, Daily Telegraph, and Courier-Mail websites or apps.


Library and offline access

Start building your own library. Each digital print edition is saved to your device, so you can read the editions wherever you are, or download via wifi to save on mobile data.


Updated daily, News Stand inside the app gives you a simple and clear view of the first page of the day and everything in it. Download the full edition to read, or just the elevators and sections you want.

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