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The second funnel of the 2022 legislative session ended week 10 on Capitol Hill. For bills to proceed, they must have been passed by one chamber and also by a committee of the other chamber. Of course, there are exceptions. Revenue (Ways and Means) and Expenditure (Credits) invoices do not need to meet the second funnel deadline.

With that in mind, debate in the House was somewhat limited this week, with committees working on bills that had been sent from the Senate. I have included highlights of some of the bills we passed this week.

HF 2471 allows a landlord and tenant to use an inventory checklist. The checklist would be reviewed by the landlord and tenant to help both parties assess the condition of the property at the start and end of the lease. If such a checklist is used, the invoice includes the parameters that must be included in the checklist.

HF 2130 would allow ATVs/UTVs to use county highways. Currently, counties must designate county highways for ATV/UTV use. The bill would prohibit counties from passing ordinances or resolutions against the use of ATVs on county highways. The bill requires riders to be 18 or older; be covered for liability; and have headlights, taillights, turn signals and mirrors. Cities would be allowed to regulate the operation of licensed ATVs/UTVs on city-controlled streets, but would be prohibited from charging a fee to operate ATVs/UTVs in the city.

HF 2488 establishes that any information or material stored and maintained by the Iowa Public Broadcasting Board (IPBB), administrator, department, or any entity on behalf of the state shall be considered public records. The bill also establishes that the IPBB cannot enforce intellectual property rights in such public documents 10 years after the material was created.

HF 2466 updates signature requirements for applicants in county supervisor districts with a population of 15,000 or less. The new requirement will be 21 signatures from voters in that district.

This week, the Iowa House passed three bills to increase Iowans’ access to mental health care. Over the past few years, the Chamber has taken significant steps to increase Iowans’ access to care. We’ve created a children’s mental health framework, adopted pay parity in telehealth, and established a steady stream of funding for mental health regions across the state.

Now, one of the biggest barriers to Iowans’ access to care is the need for more providers, especially for the most needy patients. Iowa ranks 44th in the nation for the number of psychiatrists per capita. Increasing access to mental health care is a huge priority for Iowans and these bills will help more Iowans get the care they deserve.

HF 2529 appropriates funding for 12 new psychiatry residencies at the University of Iowa Hospitals and Clinics (UIHC). Residences will prioritize Iowans in the application process.

HF 2549 establishes a Mental Health Practitioner Loan Repayment Program for Iowans who agree to practice in Iowa for at least five years.

HF 2546 asks Iowa Medicaid to establish a tariff for psychiatric intensive care in Iowa. This will ensure that healthcare professionals caring for the most difficult mental health patients are compensated appropriately.

This week, the state government committee passed an amendment to a Senate filing that bars the Iowa Utilities Board from granting a pipeline company eminent domain until March 1, 2023. The moratorium also bars pipeline companies the ability to apply for eminent domain right or exercise eminent domain right to complete hazardous liquid lines without the owners’ consent in effect.

Currently, pipeline companies are required to apply for a permit in order to construct, maintain, and operate a new hazardous liquids pipeline in the state. In the permit application, companies are required to describe the route and potentially affected areas of the pipeline. Businesses must apply to the Iowa Utilities Board for the right of eminent domain.

The committee’s amendment will be considered by the full House if the Senate case is considered on the floor. If passed, the language prohibiting eminent domain for these hazardous liquid pipelines would supersede the Senate record and be sent to the Senate for consideration. Nothing in the ban would prevent carbon dioxide pipelines from continuing, but would require companies to negotiate with landowners for the right to use their property. Committee members felt that landowners in Iowa should have their constitutional rights to property.

I have filed my nomination petition to run for the new district of House 68. The new district covers the northern part of Buchanan County, most of Fayette County except the northern row of townships and part of Black Hawk County. The deadline for filing was March 18.

This week, attendees of the Iowa Pork Leadership Academy spent a day at the Capitol. It was fun taking them to the top of the dome as part of their tour.

As always, I need to hear from you on issues important to you and our community. Perhaps the easiest way to connect is via email, [email protected], but I can also be reached by phone at 563-920-5899.

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