Turkish President Erdogan sues Greek newspaper

Turkish President Erdogan has filed a complaint against the Greek newspaper Dimokratia for a front page published last year. Credit: Turkish Presidency

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan lodged a complaint against the Greek newspaper Dimocracy, Where “Democracy”, In Ankara on Wednesday.

The daily’s director, two editors and a journalist were all targeted by the lawsuit.

Erdogan’s reason for the lawsuit stems from a September 18, 2020 front page with the crass headline “Siktir Git”, which roughly translates to “fuck you” or “fuck you”, in Turkish .

The front page contained details of the actions of Erdogan and other Turkish officials during a period of tension between Greece and Turkey.

Erdogan sues Greek newspaper

At the time, Turkey had sent its research vessel “Oruc Reis” on various illegal research missions in Greek and Cypriot waters.

In a report, Dimocracy described the trial as a “parody” and noted that the text submitted to the Greek authorities contains provocative language, for example by referring to the Aegean Sea as the “sea of ​​islands”.

“The official legal text submitted to the Greek authorities is full of provocations. The Aegean Sea is called the “Sea of ​​Islands”, and the Turkish side accuses the newspaper’s journalists of creating obstacles to Mr. Erdogan’s aspirations in the Eastern Mediterranean and Aegean, ”the newspaper’s statement read.

Erdogan has promoted this name for the Aegean Sea in recent years. Addressing a congress of his AKP party in Istanbul in February, Erdogan said there should be “no concern about Turkey’s presence from the Eastern Mediterranean to the Black Sea, as well as in the Aegean Sea,” that the ancients called the sea of ​​islands. “

He was referring to the remarks of retired Admiral Cihat Yayci, one of the main architects of the “blue homeland” theory which envisions Turkish influence over vast swathes of the eastern Mediterranean.

Yaci requested that the name of the Aegean be changed, since it is indeed Greek (the Turks call it “Ege”), and called it the “Sea of ​​Islands”.

Newspaper refuses to participate in “parody trial”

The newspaper’s statement alludes to Erdogan’s goal of having Dimocracy staff sentenced to prison terms.

“Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan is suing the Democracy newspaper (Dimokratia) and wants to sentence four of its employees to prison terms in Turkey, up to five years. This is the first time that a foreign head of state has turned against a Greek newspaper, and for political reasons, as shown by the text of the trial sent by the Ankara prosecutor’s office.

Dimocracy said he refused even to participate in a lawsuit, and that he “considers it an honor that the Turkish leadership calls our newspaper an obstacle to its expansionist and dangerous plans”, according to a statement.

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