Tippecanoe Valley Middle School principal Scott Backus (L) speaks about TVMS’ new initiative called Viking Leadership at Monday’s Tippecanoe Valley School Board meeting, as some of the students involved stand back -plan. Photo provided.

AKRON – Tippecanoe Valley Middle School has launched a new student leadership initiative.

The Tippecanoe Valley School Board heard this information during its Monday meeting at TVMS.

TVMS Principal Scott Backus spoke about the initiative called Viking Leadership as part of his annual update to the TVMS Board of Directors.

Viking Leadership grew out of the school’s chapter of the National Honor Society.

“So last year, at the end of the year, we had an Honor Society banquet and, just looking at the group, we had a very small group in our eighth year last year, but we had almost 60 in our seventh grade group last year in the Honor Society,” Backus said. “We invited all of those kids this year to participate in what we call Viking Leadership.”

“It’s been a really good experience for me to be able to teach the kids a little every two weeks and have some good interactions about what it means to be a good person, a good leader, and a good role model,” Backus says.

Some of the students involved were at Monday’s meeting and spoke about the group.

“Every other Friday we meet during R and R, which is when we have advice for our first hour class in the morning and we talk for 30 minutes in the library about our leadership activity and of what we’re going to do for the day then (we go) into our sixth grade class where we meet with our individual groups and we go over that same activity or sometimes we show them a video of what we’re going to do that day- there and then once we complete those activities we have a question and answer session where they can just ask us questions about… leadership and whatever they really need to know at that time said one boy.