WATER POLO: The Mustang goalkeeper attempts a “goal goal”

The Mustangs had six runs on the board in the first period. The Marauders scored their first goal with two minutes remaining in the first, but won’t score another until halftime. In the second period, the Mustangs scored in less than ten seconds and scored on almost every shot. Tulare Western wasn’t just strong in attack, he was so strong in defense that he didn’t let Monache within reach of the goal. The teams went to halftime with the Mustangs up 15-1.

“We worked on defense,” Monache head coach Hilary Johnson said. “They had some good playing time against a really experienced team.”

In the third period, the Mustangs slowed their scoring run. They added five points and allowed two goals to the Marauders. Monache scored twice in the final two minutes of the third to make it 20-3 going into the fourth.

Tulare Western immediately dispatched their keeper for a goal in the fourth. She made three attempts on a goalie goal. After the first, Monache tried to score on the empty net halfway through the pool, but the shot went wide. On the next two attempts, another player stayed behind to defend the net.

“We didn’t get [the goalie goal] but it was exciting to watch,” McGuire said. Several other players joked off the bench that it was the most swimming the keeper had done all season.

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