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WEST WHITELAND – Two township supervisor candidates will each be looking for their position for the first time.

Nurse Eva Sirac takes on businessman Brian Dan in a vote in November.

Republican Cieslak, who served as a registered nurse for more than a decade, said community health and well-being should be the top priority for township supervisors.

“I believe that our current representatives are not meeting the expectations of our community, so I have decided to run for this election,” said Cieslak. “During these trials, solidarity with our fellow citizens is more important than ever.

“Unfortunately, the current representatives have not responded to the concerns of the people and in some cases have completely ignored them.”

The candidates are against the construction of the Mariner East pipeline.

“Some residents may recall the 2017 Sunoco Mariner East Township Pipeline Conference, where I expressed my opposition to the construction and expansion of these pipelines,” she said. declared. paddy field. “Many other residents also opposed these pipelines, but their concerns were ignored by the township.

Back then, Republicans dominated the township supervisory board, but now the situation is reversed. The Democratic Party holds all three seats.

“I believe that a party that monopolizes the municipal committee is not in the best interest of our community and needs a more representative committee,” said the candidate. “My candidacy has the support of Republicans, but I will put the needs of our community first.

“I am not a career politician and I do not accept political contributions. I will work on all aspects to ensure the best future for all residents.

The candidate and her husband immigrated to the United States in 1985.

Cieslak: “In the process, I had the opportunity to wear a lot of hats. I started and helped run a family business, so I appreciate the contribution of business owners to our community and their concerns. I am also fortunate to recently celebrate my 36th wedding anniversary with my husband and five grown children. “

Cieslak thinks she is the best candidate.

“These experiences have shaped me and I am convinced that I must cherish the voice of all residents while keeping my boss at a higher level than ever before. This message touches your heart. So please help me publicize my candidacy. “

Dan has lived in West Whiteland for 22 years with his wife, Lauren, who was born and raised in the city. Her parents still live in town and have been there for over 65 years. The 57-year-old candidate has been married for 35 years.

His hobbies are making and playing guitar, performing live with his wife Lauren, and spending fulfilling time with his children and grandchildren.

Democrat Dan, a member of the Zoning Council for 12 years, said he was “chosen by law and, if necessary, given the concerns of residents, which are more important than private companies.”

He is currently a member of the planning committee, whose mission is to look into the future of the community.

“For over 15 years, I have been deeply involved in helping my city and, above all, listening to the concerns of all residents,” said Dan.

Dunn has owned and operated an insurance broker for 30 years.

“I started with a few small things and developed it into something that is good for the community he lives in,” he said.

Dan is ready.

“When I become a supervisor, my goal is to first listen to the concerns of the people in our community,” Dan said. “I will focus on smart development and infrastructure to minimize overbuilding and traffic in the community.

“I will focus on safety guidelines such as pipeline issues and other safety guidelines in our city. We will seek to develop more parks and recreational facilities for our residents. “

Dan also believes that accountability and transparency are the keys to fair governance.

“I was reluctant to accept the damage I had to accept over the pipeline issues that had negatively impacted hundreds, if not thousands of families living, working and living in West Whiteland Township. I will consider taking responsibility for it, ”he said. “I believe it is within the purview of the Oversight Board to hold the Pennsylvania Environmental Protection Agency accountable for tolerating adverse effects on our community on behalf of the people.

“I will investigate further once elected to ensure that DEP’s mission statement to protect air, land and water from pollution and to ensure the health and safety of its citizens is met. . “

Dan wants to make West Whiteland a safe, happy and healthy community and to continue to live, work and play.

“After all, I’m a resident too,” he says.

The general election is on November 2.

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