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Later in the program, WFHB correspondent Abby Prywitch reports on “Compost Up, Downtown” – a new composting program aimed at reducing food waste in restaurants and catering businesses. More in the top half of our program. But first, your daily headlines.

Monroe County Plan Commission

Photo by Benedict Jones.

On May 17, at the Monroe County Plan Commission meeting, Planning Director Jackie Nester Jelen submitted a rezoning application for a property in Benton South Township on Kings Road. Jelen said the area is currently zoned Estate Residential and the petitioners are asking that it be rezoned as an Agricultural Rural Reserve.

Jelen explained the petitioner’s case and provided the commission with information on current zoning requirements.

Jelen said the property owned by Life Is Better On The Farm LLC is in a minor subdivision. She said there were letters of support for the rezoning, however, there was a letter from
Geoff McKim, Member of the Commission, asked if the petitioner planned to convert the barn into a residential unit. Jelen said she didn’t believe they intended it at the time.

Petitioner Jason Voorhies explained why he would like to have the Agricultural Rural Reserve designation and addressed the neighbour’s concerns about potential parties.

McKim asked if there are any protections for nearby residents if the property is sold to prevent any future owners from renting it out to people who would use the property for parties.

The Historic Board of Preservation approved the rezoning on the condition that within two years the barn and other structures on the property be turned into a Historic Preservation designation.
During public comments, many concerned residents spoke out against the petitioner’s request.

Commission chairwoman Margaret Clements said that since so many neighbors who would be affected have spoken out in opposition, she will vote against the rezoning application.

The commission will hold a second hearing for the petition at its next meeting on June 21.

Feature reports:

Next, WFHB correspondent Abby Prywitch reports on “Compost Up, Downtown” – a new composting program aimed at reducing food waste in restaurants and catering businesses. Now let’s move on to this report.

In today’s report, we feature an excerpt from Bring It On – a weekly radio show dedicated to exploring the people, issues and events that impact the African American community. This is from the May 2 episode titled “Reparations for African Americans in Bloomington.”

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