With Patience, You Will Receive God’s Best

You’ve prayed and prayed, and you haven’t seen results yet. Circumstances seem to have stalled and you don’t understand why. An opportunity, for which you are striving, has not presented itself, and it does not seem right.

Now you are disappointed, discouraged and tired. And you just don’t know how long you can endure, because your life seems to be going nowhere fast. “Maybe God forgot me,” you wonder, “Maybe I should just give up,” you say, as your faith wears thin.

But don’t get discouraged and give up because you think you’ll never get what you really want in your life. Be patient. And with hope and confidence, “wait”. Don’t miss God’s best plan, because you’re in a hurry, go headlong. God usually does things in unusual ways and on a different schedule than we might expect.

Some time ago I read somewhere the story of a young man who had just graduated from university. The young man had hoped that his father, who was a successful businessman, would buy him a new car as a graduation present.

Months earlier, the young man had spotted a shiny red vehicle in a car dealership’s showroom. When the young man saw his father on vacation, he enthusiastically told him all about the vehicle, the model, the color and the outstanding features. “Dad…this is the gift I want the most,” he said.

Graduation day has arrived; and after the festivities, the father asked his son to come into his study. Tenderly, the father hugged him and said, “I’m proud of you. You are going to be very successful and I love you. Then he handed his son a beautifully wrapped box. Curious, the young man partially unwrapped it and found a fine leather Bible with his name engraved in gold on the front.

Disappointed at not having had the new car, the young man felt sorry for himself: “My father must have forgotten me. And saying he was defeated, he said under his breath, “I guess I’ll never get what I want.” With that, he left the Bible in his father’s study and left the house.

Many years passed, and the young man moved across the country to pursue his career. He rarely returned to his hometown. But realizing that his father was aging, he considered going to visit him during the summer holidays. However, before buying his plane tickets, he learned that his father had died. And since the father had bequeathed all his property to his son, the young man had to go home immediately to take care of his business.

When he arrived at his father’s, the young man’s heart was filled with sadness. He walked into the office, sat down at his father’s mahogany desk, and began going through his important papers. Suddenly he saw something familiar on the table next to the phone. It was the Bible half-wrapped in a gift.

With tears in his eyes, he removed the wrappings from the present. He opened the Bible and a key fell from its pages onto the floor. The young man bent down; his hand was shaking as he took the key. Attached to the key was a small tag with the name of a car dealership.

His mind flipped over time and he realized it was the dealership that had the beautiful red sports car in the showroom. On the back of the little label, there was this date of his graduation and the words: “Paid in full. Love, your father”

How often do we miss God’s blessings because we walk away and give up too soon? Are we giving up on God’s best plans by jumping to conclusions? Or are we impatient and unable to see beyond our own limited perspective to the great things God has planned for us in our future?

I love the scripture that says, “But those who wait on the Lord will renew their strength; They will soar with wings like eagles, They will run and will not weary, They will walk and will not faint. Isaiah 40:31.

God has not finished His work; He didn’t do everything He wanted to do for you. He has not given you everything He desires to give you. There is more… so much more to come!

One afternoon I remember I was out in the field sitting on the bleachers watching my daughter play softball. She knocked twice. Then she went up to bat for the third time, overcame her fear of failure and hit the ball deep into the outfield. She ran to first base. Then she rushed to second base and as she ran to third I heard her yell at her coach, “I’m closing in; I’m almost there.

Likewise: “You are getting closer… you are almost there. And so, rediscover your enthusiasm. Wait with joyful expectation. Keep trying to achieve your goal. Don’t stop short of success. Today can be the day you receive your breakthrough.

So if your prayer desires are not immediately satisfied, turn to God and trust in His power and ability to intervene. God loves you; He acts with divine strategy on your behalf. And He is leading you to greater joys, blessings and realizations, which will be more rewarding than you ever imagined.

Look around you today; don’t miss God’s blessings!

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